Citroën presents the Oli, its most groundbreaking electric ‘concept-car’

Citroën is determined to give car sales a twist. With most electric cars at unaffordable prices, the French brand presented a concept called Oli with which he aspires to revolutionize the market. This vehicle will not go on sale, but it will be the platform on which to build a future best-selling 25,000 euros price and 100% electric with 400 kilometers of autonomy without exceeding 110 km / h.

At first glance, the Oli could be identified as a small version of a French manufacturer Hummer, but it is really the continuation line of its smaller Ami brother. This car, already a true phenomenon especially in the cities of France, It has been the starting point for the idea that Oli brings: sustainability and attractive design.

The concept is very novel, since special emphasis has been placed on reducing weight to 1,000 kilos to consume less. For this, a series of modern, recycled and lighter materials are used that give the car a unique identity. The Oli stands out for a front where the bumper glass is completely vertical. From behind, its shapes are completely refined, giving the car an image of a Batman car.

Inside we find many materials inspired by nature and recycled in a clear message about the future of motorsports. The sales of the future will be aligned with respect for the planet through electronic mechanics. There is no possibility of buying this concept at term motor.

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The Oli has associated wheels Goodyear which have the virtue of lasting 500,000 kilometers, although there is really an asterisk because it has to be retreaded every 135,000 kilometers as if it were a truck having a total of three lives. This fact means that we do not have to worry about this aspect unless punctures occur, being another of the hallmarks of a vehicle that tries to be as respectful as possible with the environment.

Citroën is the first European brand to venture to sell an electric car prepared for four people can travel for a price that does not exceed 25,000 euros. In these times, this moderation is one of the great virtues of a car that incorporates many technological innovations, but the label 0 makes a difference in big cities.

Oli anticipates the future that is yet to come with an ordago from the French manufacturerwho has even changed its classic logo for that of 1919, although modernized to the times. Citroën has had great milestones throughout its history such as the 2CV or the ‘Tiburón’. Perhaps the time has come for another blow on the table with the inevitable arrival of electrification in the car park.

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