Belén Esteban, in tears for Kiko Matamoros: “You have broken my heart”

Last Wednesday we were able to enjoy a new installment of Save me. Among other issues, we participated in how Belén Esteban wanted to intervene live through a phone call. And all to answer his partner Kiko Matamoros, after assuring in a magazine that Paracuellos “is no longer interested.”

Between tears, Belén Esteban spoke with Jorge Javier Vázquez and the collaborator of Save me. “I want it to be very clear that I, in my life, have fought for which partner gets more audience, if Kiko Matamoros or Belén Esteban”, he began by saying the talk show host. In addition, he wanted to confess how he had felt the comment of his partner in the magazine ‘Readings’.

“I’m a little nervous. The owner of Kiko Matamoros has hurt me a lot because, with the problems he has with the Treasury, that he has to talk about Belén Esteban … ”, she snapped. As if that were not enough, she took the opportunity to remember that her head “is not right”: “Although I have been a very strong aunt all my life and my head has played tricks on me… I am recovering.”

With a visibly broken voice, Belén Esteban recognized Jorge Javier Vázquez that Kiko Matamoros was not expected to give that headline in readings: “I find it sad that I have to say that”. Moreover, she wanted to go further: “I’m sad because now I’m not well and it hurts because I thought Kiko had a little affection for me, and I’ve realized that he doesn’t.”

Immediately afterwards, Paracuellos confessed what her husband, Miguel, had told her about the former contestant’s statements. Survivors 2022: “Let me ignore him and suffer for the people I care about and who show it to me”. Kiko Matamoros, finally, had the opportunity to explain himself after the commotion caused:

“When I saw the headline I also wondered if I had said that and, if you read the magazine, I didn’t say that”the commentator began by saying. “I say that you are less interesting because you have set aside certain aspects of your personal life, and the audience noticed that, but it is not humiliating at all”, he added. Despite everything, Kiko Matamoros acknowledged that he loved her very much and that he deeply respected her. Will they be able to solve this situation?

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