The body of a young woman dressed as a bride appears abandoned

Antena 3 broadcasts tonight the first episode of The Gypsy Bride, the series based on the best seller of the successful Carmen Mola trilogy, directed by Paco Cabezas and starring the actress Nerea Barros, which Atresmedia presented at the San Sebastian Festival.

The Gypsy Bride arrived at ATRESplayer Premium last Sunday, converted into one of the great bets of the platform. The good reviews after the premiere of this thriller as dark as it is brilliant, whose first two episodes demonstrated its clear international projection, have led the chain to premiere this Wednesday the first open chapter.

The premiere of the first chapter of The Gypsy Bride will take place after the broadcast of El Hormiguero. While the rest of the episodes of the series, a total of seven more chapters, will be available every Sunday in ATRESplayer Premium. In addition, a second season has already been confirmed, in which the second book of the trilogy will be adapted, the purple net.

In the first chapter of The Gypsy Bridethe body of a young gypsy dressed as a bride appears in an abandoned country house. The body is found by Zárate, the police Homicide inspector, who calls Inspector Elena Blanco, a woman marked by the disappearance of her son years ago, to take charge of the case together with the BAC, the leading elite.

The Homicide inspector who found the young woman joins the team and quickly the coincidences between this murder and another that occurred six years ago lead them to a family: Los Macayawho lost their eldest daughter in the same way.

Elena Blanco and Zárate soon discover that the young gypsy murdered is Susana Macaya, Lara’s little sister, the young woman murdered six years earlier under the same macabre ritual, also just when she was going to get married. Thus, they realize that there could be an innocent person in jail, and that the guilty roam the streets. Don’t miss the first installment of La Novia Gitana tonight, starting at 10:45 p.m., on Antena 3.

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