How to apply to the Presidential Communication Center? Application stages to CIMER

In our news, we have explained how to apply to CIMER, where all kinds of requests, suggestions, complaints and questions are answered and how the process works. Here are the details…

You can find the answers to your questions such as how to apply to CIMER, which acts as a bridge between the public and the Presidency and where all kinds of complaints, requests and suggestions can be easily conveyed, and how the process works.

How to apply to CIMER?

Citizens who want to apply to CIMER with the short name of the Presidency Communication Center can go to the application page via e-Government or directly on the CIMER website by logging in with their TR ID number and name, surname, mother’s previous surname, identity serial number, mobile phone information.

With the arrival of the application page, one of the rights to request, suggestion, complaint, notice and information is required to be selected. One of the boxes here is ticked and the next page is passed.

When it comes to the page where the subject of the application will be discussed, the person is expected to write a text about their demands and documents regarding the complaint are also requested. After the short evaluations made here, complaints, suggestions or requests are directed to the institutions.

Citizens who want to find out what the status of the application is after the application is made can learn about their application status and what stage they are in by logging into CIMER with the same methods. Although the applications are completed according to the density of the institution, it takes a maximum of 14 working days.

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