Can the FBI end Donald Trump’s political career? | on video

A few weeks ago, the FBI entered the offices of former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida in order to find a series of documents accumulated during his presidency.. Trump is being investigated for three separate crimes: destruction, falsification and alteration of documents, obstruction of a federal investigation and concealment or suppression of government records. The three could add up to 33 years in prison. This does not mean that the Republican will be convicted, or even prosecuted for these crimes. In the video that accompanies this news, the political analyst for Public Agenda, Pedro Soriano, analyzes the possible futures of Donald Trump after the FBI investigation at his residence.

“I find it very difficult to see a judicial dynamic in which before November 2024, which is when there are elections, we have a final ruling on this case,” Soriano considers. To the enormous amount of documents that the FBI must analyze (26 boxes of documentation and numerous loose documents) is subsequently added a succession of resources. If Trump finally won the 2024 elections, for which he has not yet announced his candidacy, and was subsequently convicted, “the mess could be monumental,” says Soriano. “Trump would try by all means to block the process alleging his condition as president and even that a president cannot be prosecuted even for acts committed when he was not.”

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