Description of Torreira and Mertens by Okan Buruk

Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk said that they had an important victory against Antalyaspor. Buruk stated that the new signings of the yellow-red people, Lucas Torreira and Dries Mertens, are versatile players and they want to establish a large squad.

Evaluating the match, Okan Buruk said, “Once, there was an incredible humidity. Actually, it was more. This was a good mood. Both teams were tired. This fatigue emerged. Both teams went to the match. Our ball returned directly, Antalyaspor missed the position and the penalty. “Muslera saved clear positions. The game changed hands a lot. When we were wondering if the game will go 0-0, a move we made on the offense responded very quickly. It was a very important win.” said.

Okan Buruk, who sent a message to the fans, said, “For a long time, Antalyaspor has not lost. We started the league with 3 points. It is important to come out in front of our fans as a winner. We invite them to the match. We want to celebrate nice wins and championships. I hope we will be even better. There will be support from new players. We are better. “We will keep in shape. We will play in better atmospheres. We will be good as a team.” used the phrases.

On the transfer question, Okan Buruk said, “I don’t want to talk about transfers too much while I’m in the race. I respect the players we have. Mertens played in 4 regions at the front. Torreira can also play in the double midfield. It is important to play and destroy the game in the opponent’s half. They will make a great contribution to us. We will add those who come to the squad. We will test the incoming players, and we will see clearly when they can play.” said.

Providing information about Galatasaray’s transfer efforts, Okan Buruk said, “We will be a team and our staff will be large. Gomis gave us 3 points. We must have a large squad. There was pressure from our fans, they wanted us to transfer. Everyone made observations. We combined them with our own determinations and We are on a good path.” made the statement.

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