Who can be a taxi driver, how much do taxi drivers earn per day? Requirements for being a taxi

What are the conditions of being a taxi driver, how much do taxi drivers earn per day, who can be a taxi driver? His questions began to be explored with curiosity. Here are the things you need to know about taxi driving and the required conditions. Details are here…

Taxi drivers are people who take people who want to go from one place to another for a certain fee. To be fully defined, independent persons carrying passengers in a commercial vehicle equipped with a taximeter in the city are called taxi drivers. If the taxi driver works alone, gas etc. All the money goes to him. If a person works on behalf of the company, he can spend half of his income, gas money, etc. He pays and the rest remains in his pocket as profit. As a rule, they have to pay almost half of their boss’s daily salary. So not everyone can be a taxi driver.

how to be a taxi driver

How to Become a Taxi Driver?

In order to become a taxi driver, it is necessary to learn the profession of taxi driver and know its difficulties. In general, those who are not successful in our country and those who cannot continue their work think that they can relax by being a taxi driver. However, the taxi profession has its difficulties like other professions. The first challenge is to find a vehicle. The second is to follow the shift system.

The person who wants to be a taxi driver must first meet certain conditions. Driving license, clean history etc. To become a taxi driver, you first need to find the owner of a commercial vehicle with a T plate operating in the taxi class. However, since no one wants to leave their vehicle and hand it over to a commercial taxi, you will start to struggle with difficulties before the job even starts. You should be familiar with this environment. If not, we can say that this is not possible. Let’s say you have somehow passed this stage by joining associations. After passing, other actions will be easier. Since other operations are mostly document operations, you will not have any problems. You’ll have to go to the taxi drivers’ room. Here, too, they will first take care of your health in order to be accepted under certain conditions. Nobody wants to turn a stressed and angry person into a taxi driver. However, it is quite normal to feel stressed and nervous after starting this job. If you really want to be a taxi driver, you have to face the challenges and how much you have to pay daily.


What are the Conditions of Being a Taxi Driver?

Although the conditions of being a taxi driver may not seem difficult, they are actually quite difficult. When you buy a commercial vehicle, you need 200-250 TL per day for the person you buy the commercial vehicle, 50-100 TL for the daily fuel, 10 TL for the insurance, and 10-30 TL for your daily stand. If we calculate these, you start the day with a debt of around 300-400 TL before you even start working. When you exceed this amount, every penny will be yours. Not everyone can be a taxi driver, as this stressful work life is not for everyone.

In addition, you need the necessary documents to become a taxi driver. Otherwise, you cannot even get into the driver’s seat. Like the Taxi Drivers Law, this is the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918 within the scope of the Council of Ministers Law No. 5362. These will be included in the taxi drivers’ documents.

• Vehicle purchase date

• Invoice

• Technical document

• Plate documents

• Permit

• Work certificate

• Traffic branch registration approval form

• Vehicle card

• Commercial vehicle driving certificate

• Insurance policy

• Driving licence

These documents are the documents that people who want to be a taxi driver should take to the necessary place:

• Psychotechnical report

• Driving licence

• 2 GBT Licenses will be issued, one for official places.

• Full-fledged health report

These documents are required. After the preparation of these documents, you can work as a taxi driver. However, there are some tools and equipment that you need to carry in the vehicle when starting the profession. These;

• Wheel Wrench

• Jack

• Spare wheel

• Navigation System

• Vehicle material bag

• Reflector

If you can’t find one of these in your vehicle, you could be fined. As a taxi driver, you are also responsible for the cleanliness of your vehicle. You may even be banned from traffic due to delays in maintenance and inspections. These steps show how hard it is to be a solo taxi driver.

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