Where do taxi drivers report? What are the reasons for complaining about taxi drivers? Taxi driver hotline

Citizens who do not own a vehicle usually use public transport or taxi. Many times in the news, we have seen citizens who cannot get along with the taxi driver and citizens who complain. So why do taxi drivers get complaints? For what reasons do we have the right to complain? Here are the details…

Where and how can taxi drivers complain?

Citizens who have a disagreement with the taxi driver are investigating where to complain. There is a hotline where you can complain about these events that are happening too often today. Details are here!

As a result of disagreements with taxi drivers, we encounter customer grievances. Some reasons for complaints;

– Not allowing passengers who want to travel short distances to the vehicle.

– Application of the night tariff in the taximeter even though it is daytime

-Taximeter working at lights

-Don’t take the long way

-Special tariff applications for tourists

Acting like they don’t know the address

– Being rude to customers

– Whether they give the change as a tip

There are many customers who often complain about these complaints. The most problematic situation is the short distance event. However, the Taxi Chamber of Commerce sets a fee even for short-distance passengers. They have to take it. Another is to lengthen the road. It is an effort to take a customer who comes to the city for the first time and get more money by taking the long way. Customers who notice can complain. But those who don’t notice are left with what they paid for.

Where and how to complain about taxi drivers?

Citizens who are victims generally suffer from the events we mentioned above. If you are faced with such a situation, you can report your complaint to the Taxi Drivers’ Chamber of Craftsmen. You can complain by calling 444 15 23. Plate information, driver name will be enough.

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