What is sexual castration? For what purpose is it used? Curious about sexual castration

Sexual Castration means Chemical Castration. Sexual Castration is also known as a drug that reduces sexual desire in the body. It is actually a punishment for rapists and abusers. Here’s what you’re wondering about Sexual Castration!

Sexual Castration- What is Chemical Castration?

Sexual Castration is a drug that has been released considering the increasing abuse and rape situations in the country. While it is used in many countries, it has not yet started to be used in Turkey.

Sexual Castration is practiced as a punishment for chemical castration. It is a method used to bring people into society. The drug minimizes sexual desire in the body. It helps to stop the hormone in the testicles. It is known that during the slavery period, it was also used to prevent slaves from giving birth to children. Usually middle eastern countries use it.

First, sexual quantification was performed on 42 chemical castration subjects. It was observed to work in 40 subjects. It has no side effects.

How is sexual castration chemical castration applied?

Sexual castration is a medical practice used in Middle Eastern countries, Germany, and America. The reason for using this drug is to minimize rape and harassment. Slaughter is not done for sexual castration. It is done by injecting a needle. It can be thought of as neutering.

This drug is often applied to rapists and abusers. It is not the free will of the person. If he does it voluntarily, his sentence is reduced.

Sexual Castration does not completely remove sex hormones from the body. But it minimizes it. This punishment applied to rape and harassers also receives psychological support if they have been harassed or raped in their past.

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