What does it mean to be a Christian? Christian life and beliefs

What does Christian mean, what is the basis of Christianity? His questions began to be explored with curiosity. What should be done to be a Christian took its place among other curious questions. Here are the answers to all these questions…

Christianity is a religion. In other words, it is a religion like Islam and Judaism. Christianity came to our world before the advent of Islam. However, after the emergence of religion, the Bible, which is their holy book, was freely changed by people. For this reason, Islam has become the last religion and since the first day of this religion, our holy book, the Qur’an, has not undergone any changes.

The representative of the Christian religion, Hz. is Jesus. How is it in Islam? If Muhammad (saas) is appointed as a deputy, Hz. Jesus also came for the Christian religion. The word Christian originally comes from Greek and was later translated into Turkish from the English word “Christ-ian”. The people chosen by the Creator, namely the prophets, come to our world and are in charge of explaining religions to people in the best possible way. Likewise the Christian religion, which came to Jesus and aims to raise awareness through revelation. Religious officials, that is, Christian religious leaders who are the Christ, are ready for duty by being blessed with a kind of water they call holy oil. The greatest name in the Christian religion, Hz. Jesus is

what does christian mean

Christians, St. They truly believe what Jesus taught and likewise apply it to their lives. In short, Christians It’s about accepting what Jesus taught and how to live. God, dear. It started after Jesus was chosen as the Messiah. However, in Christianity Jesus is known as the Son of God. It is mentioned in the Bible book between verses 3 and 10 in chapter 40.

Although monotheism belongs to all religions, in Christianity, Hz. There are people who worship Jesus. Because they see him as the son of God. They thank and pray to Jesus. There are sects in Christianity as well as in Islam. There are three types of denominations in Christianity. Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic. These sects, including the religion of Islam, have their own rules and beliefs. However, only Sunday is considered holy by all and they go to church, pray and confess.


How to Become a Christian

To be a Christian, he must live and feel it in his heart, as in Islam. Simply saying I am a Christian does not mean being a Christian. Although it is the same in Islam, unfortunately today people who have nothing to do with prayer and worship can say that they are Muslims. However, true worship is not like that, and every religion has its own terms and rules.

So to be a Christian one must first desire it. He must accept the word Christianity and accept religion in the same way. History of Early Christianity. It is produced and used in Antakya. More details are also found in the Bible at 11:26. The word Christian was originally translated as the little Christ. But Christians use this word and this religious belief.

Allah has provided ease in all religions. Therefore, we can say that being a Christian becomes easier. For this, you must first see and believe in the crucifixion and death of Jesus as a sacrifice and savior for your sins. You can also see this in the Bible at 3:16. To become a Christian, you must first go to church and complete the required services. For this, although it may differ between denominations, in general, you should be blessed with holy water and you should say and wholeheartedly believe in words such as kalima-i shahada, which Christians use to convert. Hz. You can become a Christian by establishing some kind of personal relationship with Jesus.

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