What does timeshare mean, where to get it? Conditions for obtaining a timeshare deed

Citizens wondered what timeshare meant. What are the conditions required to have a timeshare deed? Where to get the timeshare deed, what are the necessary conditions? You can check our news for answers to your questions. Here are the details…

Timeshare refers to transferred ownership and is ownership that is purchased within 2 weeks or more at certain times.

When buying timeshare, there are some situations that should be considered when buying real estate. When buying a timeshare, do not forget to prepare the documents as completely as possible. Timeshares can be built not only in multi-storey buildings, but also in detached houses. In addition, all timeshare properties must be registered in the title deed within one year. Depending on the contract, the condominium can be transferred, rented and sold. This is how buying timeshare works officially, and seeing a lawyer, if any, will protect you from fraudulent timeshare sellers.


How to Buy Timeshare?

Timeshare deed is used by the state as a guarantee of benefiting from joint ownership suitable for housing at certain times of the year. In order to obtain a timeshare certificate, you must first be a member of timeshare sellers and be a timeshare owner.

When you buy title deed timeshare from timeshare businesses, you are automatically entitled to timeshare. Timeshare holders can only own 52 weeks in 1 year, but only for 2 weeks. Those who have timeshare can do their work officially under the guarantee of the state by purchasing timeshare certificate. To get the time sharing action, you can get the time sharing action by registering it with the Land Registry Branch after purchasing the time sharing action.

In addition, the ownership period of the shares is as uncertain as the duration of the ownership of the immovable. However, the timeshare owner, who owns this property, can only use his property, namely his flat, for as long as he wishes. It is also important to note that the time-sharing member is not entitled to stay anywhere other than the property’s apartment. However, if the company management allows, they can benefit from various activities free of charge or at a discount. However, it is likely to use about 15 days a year to use it. For this, as we said, it is necessary to become a member of the timeshare, to buy a timeshare after becoming a member, to obtain the title deed after purchasing, legalize it and register it with the title deed office.

The documents required for the timeshare deed are as follows;

• Front and back photocopy of your TR ID card

• 2 passport size color photographs

• Notarized power of attorney copy and original

• Original bank receipt showing that you have paid the title deed fee.

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