What does the branch code mean, how to find out? Where can I find the bank branch code? Bank branch code inquiries

Today, all financial transactions are done electronically. Branch code number of the bank is requested for all transactions such as money transfer and money transfer. A large number of citizens search the branch code of the bank they are affiliated with. So, where and how to learn the bank branch code? Here are the bank branch code inquiry procedures.

Each bank is connected to a head office and all data of the bank is processed in this center. In order to control all branches, there is a code number for each branch. A code number is assigned to all branches of the bank, just like the door numbers given to each house. So, how to find out the branch code of the connected bank? Here is the answer..

What does the branch code mean, how to find out?

Branch codes show in which province and district the banks are located. If you want to learn the branch code of your bank, the easiest way is to call the bank’s customer representative. If people wish, they can also get the branch code number of the bank by typing the name of the province and district where they are located in the search engines.

What does the branch code mean, how to learn

In addition, there are 16 numbers on the front of each bank card. This number is the card number and not the customer’s number or account number. The account number of the customer is not written on the cards other than the debit card. Only the name and surname of the customer, as well as the bank account number, can be written in small black on the front of some cards, under the 16-digit number.

Apart from this 16-digit card number, a different 16-digit number is located on the card. In this number, the branch code and bank account number of the bank can be learned. The first 4 digits of the code number are said to be the branch code of the bank. This shows which branch code the bank is operating with. The 12 code that follows is the account number in the customer’s bank. All reachable with 16 digit code number. However, this number may not be available on all banks’ cards.

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