The pyramid speaks – Mustafa Karaalioğlu

On social media, a citizen of the bazaar trades “candidly” explains his political preference and reveals a mentality with very clear sentences. There is little better! That market seller is at the bottom layer of the “pyramid”, which is the monument to corruption, and calls out from there. Which pyramid are you? The pyramid I described in this column on Saturday:

“The system works in a pyramidal order… While more common and more unquestioning tasks go on in the upper layers, other things continue to go on in the lower and lower levels, respectively, with the shares getting smaller, but without diminishing appetite and courage. Not everyone has the same share, but each layer of the pyramid has a share of profits and privileges. Less down, more up. What sustains the pyramid is this consent-based “fair” sharing. The following supports the top layer for its benefit; one above it, and that one above it. Each floor is the collateral of the floor above it. Some earn big money, some get the tender they want, some increase the zoning share, some add a salary to their salary, some get hired what they want, some just say whatever they want and not give an account, and thanks to their place in the pyramid, everything goes well at the police station…” Some make money without cutting chips in the market.

The marketer begins: “If I cut off my hand, I would not give it to anyone other than Tayyip Erdoğan, my brother. I speak clearly.”


Pyramid rules work here.


“I gained everything thanks to this man. I’ve been renting for 20 years. I earned everything in this man’s time. They’re stealing, it’s not my problem bro. If it is, it is between God and him. What did he steal, for God’s sake? We play too. We’re also evading taxes here. We sell 100 goods, we cut 20 chips. Is it a lie bro? Is there anyone who doesn’t steal, for God’s sake?”

He understood the system, order and business rules of the market very well. It’s not about someone higher or higher stealing. On the contrary, their stealing is the guarantee of his own stealing. In this way, he earns, gets rid of rent and straightens his daily wage. He is not interested in what is happening above, so that no one cares about what he is doing. Let everyone turn a blind eye to each other, let the bottom of everyone’s pot be blacker than someone else’s. While doing all this, he wears the armor of immunity by declaring the party you will vote for. The next burst of self-confidence… This is how things work in the pyramid…

He’s so confident “You have to be honest” He praises the theft, saying: “His marketer also steals. We have to be honest… We do a lot of work. We’re being ungrateful. I have a job, thank you very much. Thank God my soup is out. I came here with my son, I won, I won. We take our daily wage and go. What need is there for ungratefulness?” Understood? Being honest isn’t about not stealing, it’s about admitting that you steal!

This is how the lower floor of the pyramid speaks; If the upper floors could speak, who knows what they would say? “To be honest, who does not take unfair tender, who does not take bribes, who does not increase their development!” Do we hear things like Or even these are not mentioned anymore, could the vision have grown too big for ordinary people to comprehend?

It doesn’t matter what they don’t say… Corruption, corruption, nepotism, opportunism, contamination rise like a pyramid. While the man in the market is content with what he has won from three or five chips he has not cut, those in the top tier take the world. Each of them is spoiled, selfish and ambitious. All of them believe that the structure they are in is indestructible.

The top of the pyramid maintains order by mastering the appetites of the lower ones. As long as they don’t hesitate to be part of the pyramid, to be a brick on a floor.

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