Sending Syrians a must to thwart the US-Israeli terror state

Speaking on a television program he participated in, Fatih Erbakan, the leader of the Welfare Party, argued that the USA and Israel wanted to create a terror state in northern Syria and that the gap in the field served this purpose, and said: It is very important to prevent it.”

The leader of the Welfare Party, Dr. Fatih Erbakan made statements about domestic and foreign policy in a television program he attended. Speaking here, Erbakan touched upon the refugee issue, which has been on the agenda recently, and stated that it is important for the refugees to return to their countries as soon as possible in terms of preventing the terrorist state plan of the USA and Israel in Northern Syria.

3. Alliance description

Erbakan, on the subject of alliances, which the people wondered about 10 months before the election, said, “Nothing is certain except death. It can be another alternative when it comes to increasing or dispersing the crackling of the 6-table table near the election. An alliance may arise from parties whose electoral mass is close to each other. It is possible to come together with the Future Party, Felicity Party, Great Unity Party. However, our main goal is to enter the elections alone as the Welfare Party, neither with the heads of the desks nor those at the cashiers. We are getting positive feedback from the voters because of this stance,” he said.

‘Erbakan Hodja’s cause was not just freedom of the headscarf, opening Quran courses…’

Evaluating President Erdoğan’s words, “We are the last representative of the cause of independence and future pursued by the late Erbakan, Menderes and Türkeş,” Erbakan said, “Our Erbakan Hodja’s case would have been justified if it was only for a headscarf, to open Quran courses or to build a mosque in Taksim. They always bring them forward. What about justice in sharing, justice in judiciary, and justice in administration? What about the property rights issue, Turkey’s being immersed in debt, paying 520 billion dollars of debt interest in 20 years? The fact that 45 percent of the population is below the poverty line, 85 percent of the population is below the poverty line, the nation’s resources go to interest, the privileged and wasted, the Greater Middle East Project in foreign policy, America’s Iraq Operation, NATO’s Libya Operation… All It is not possible for us to identify them with the case of our teacher Erbakan. In other words, the line and actions of the AK Party government cannot be described as representing Erbakan Hodja’s cause. The freedom of belief dimension is only part of the job.” said.

The Welfare Party has no dam problem

Emphasizing that the Welfare Party does not have a dam problem, Erbakan continued:

“We have reached a result between 9.5 and 10.5 percent in 3 surveys we have made under the supervision of academicians. We don’t have a dam problem. Until the election, we will reach 500 thousand members quickly and we will prove this. We will have as many members as the parties in the parliament, which are shown as 20 percent in the polls, and therefore it will be seen that we do not have a threshold problem. Other polls show us three percent at most, because they do not count the Again Welfare Party in the options when calling for the survey, they add the undecided ones who say the Again Welfare Party.”

Refugees’ return thwarts US and Israel’s terror state plan

Erbakan also made statements on the issue of ‘refugees’, which is the second issue that occupies the country’s agenda after the economy. When we say before, we do not mean that we should send buses from morning to evening, from today to tomorrow. In this regard, the government should come to the table with the Syrian administration as soon as possible and the conditions there should be made suitable for the return of refugees. The Iranian administration is also ready to act as an intermediary. There is no other choice now. Of course, the important point here is to ensure the safety of life. Assad has positive calls for their return. A plan and program should be established as soon as possible regarding the return of refugees economically and socially.

We always say: ‘They put the nightingale in a golden cage and said it is my homeland’ I think that the majority also want to return. It is not possible for a small number of people who have established and integrated businesses to be sent by force. One of the reasons why we consider it necessary for the return of Syrian refugees is that the US and Israel’s efforts to evacuate those regions in accordance with the terrorist state plan they are trying to establish in Northern Syria are prevented. in our country Ensuring the return of Syrian refugees to their countries by preparing the necessary conditions is extremely important in terms of preventing the establishment of this terrorist state.” he said.

EYT problem should be resolved as soon as possible

Mentioning the much-discussed Age at Retirement (EYT) issue, Erbakan called for this issue not to be an election material and for it to be resolved as soon as possible and said, “This year, 329 billion liras will be paid in interest. They hold forty meetings for the demands of EYT members, who hold 26 billion liras. They talk about ‘whether we do it in March, whether we do it in January, or whether we do it in December’. Why are you waiting for the new year? You already pay ten times the interest in one year. This must be resolved.” He used his expressions.

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