The dance of the duo marked the night

Singer Hadise took the stage at rapper Murda’s concert and sang the song they made a duet with. Hadise, who danced with Murda, shared those moments on her social media account.

Hadise, who came to listen to the rapper Murda’s concert at the Bodrum Antique Theater in Muğla, took the stage.

The two sang the song “Imdat” together and danced with each other. Hadise, who attended the concert with loose ripped jeans and a silvery blouse, shared the moments when they danced while singing with Murda on her social media account.

Hadise published the video with the note “Baby Help”.

Hadise and Murda’s dance was on the social media agenda in a short time, and users were divided into two. Some said that Hadise and Murda danced as normal because they were close friends, while others said that the dance was an exaggeration.

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