The Move That Will Drive Acun Ilıcalı Crazy: New Post from Batuhan Karacakaya…

Survivor 2022 All Star ended on Thursday, June 30, at the end of the six-month adventure. Batuhan Karacakaya, who was eliminated by SMS voting in the semi-finals, sent a message to Acun Ilıcalı and Survivor Nisa Bölükbaşı.

A new post came from Batuhan Karacakaya, the ambitious competitor of Survivor 2022 All Star, who was eliminated in the semi-finals, after the ‘letter’ crisis. The debate, which started with the championship of Nisa Bölükbaşı in Survivor 2022 All Star, continues at full speed.

Eliminating Ayşe Yüksel in the quarter-finals and Batuhan Karacakaya in the semi-finals, Nisa Bölükbaşı reached the happy end by defeating former champion Adem Kılıçcı in the grand final.


However, after the championship of Survivor All Star 2022, the events did not stop. Survivor Batuhan Karacakaya’s mother, who was eliminated by SMS voting in the semi-finals, claimed that her son was unfairly treated on social media, and said, “Batuhan Karacakaya’s mother, Gülhayat Karacakaya, on her Twitter account, “Let those who abuse my son’s rights drown in their rights. For ten days, I wrote everywhere, I struggled. I said that my son will win the right again. I couldn’t find a match. Who am I, what I hear is killing me. We lost for two years just because my son said it was right. It still hurts all over. My son’s efforts are gone. I will be hurt for the rest of my life.”



Acun Ilıcalı, on the other hand, responded to these allegations with harsh words in the live broadcast and announced the notarized sms results live.

Acun Ilıcalı, who interpreted the explanations as an effort to defame Survivor All Star 2022, gave the following answer to Gülhayat Karacakaya: Generally, mothers, brothers and sisters protest us. Unfortunately for us, it is the relatives of the competitors who are on the opposite side and have meaningless feelings. Introducing the contestants to the whole of Turkey and bringing their beautiful hearts together with Turkey does not mean anything to them. They become hostile to us when their children do not win the competition.

Dear Batuhan’s mother congratulated us and thanked us today. Greetings to Ms. Gulhayat from here. We are guilty when his son is not a champion. When his son doesn’t win, the production is to blame, the panorama is to blame. All tenders are left to us. He probably doesn’t think that what can we gain from whom? We love Batuhan, we had no problems with Batuhan.

But mothers and fathers are more sensitive to their children. Last year, Aleyna’s mother was very active. This year, Batuhan’s mother made the final well. I’ll join the extra tonight. I will say some things about Ms. I don’t want to spoil the finale right now. I will give the necessary answer to him in the extra. Blaming us, slandering us, these things are sad, unbecoming of a mother. It doesn’t seem right to me that a person slanders the organization just because his son has not become a champion.”

After mutual explanations, Batuhan Karacakaya made a response that would escalate the crisis and said, “I have a letter too.” Acun Ilıcalı’s response to these words was “We will give the necessary answer”.



In the Survivor All Star 2022 fight, the silence was short and an interesting post came from Batuhan Karacakaya.

Batuhan Karacakaya made a video with Avatar Atakan and said, “Fortunately, there is a champion on the table.” This video and sharing was interpreted as a reference to both Nisa Bölükbaşı’s championship and Acun Ilıcalı.

In the Survivor All Star 2022 fight, the eyes are now turned to Acun Ilıcalı. It was a matter of curiosity how Ilıcalı would respond to Batuhan Karacakaya.

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