Eduardo Dos Santos: The life of the former president of Angola goes out in a Barcelona hospital amid suspicions of homicide | International

The life of the former president of Angola, Eduardo Dos Santos, goes out in Barcelona. His body breathes thanks to the machines of the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Teknon medical center, where he was admitted on June 24 due to pulmonary insufficiency. He is in critical condition and the next few days are decisive. His daughter suspects that behind the deterioration of the former president’s health the hand of betrayal moves.

The silence of the corridors of the hospital’s ICU contrasts with the noise generated by his state of health. His daughter, Tchizé Dos Santos, denounced on Monday before the Mossos d’Esquadra an alleged homicide attempt against him, as it progressed The vanguard. Sources from his environment point to the doctor and the first wife of the former Angolan president, in power between 1979 and 2017. The complaint also includes the alleged crimes of omission of the duty of relief, injuries due to serious negligence and disclosure of secrets.

Tchizé considers that the Government of Angola has pulled the strings to reach this situation. The current president, João Lourenço, an Army general considered one of the faithful dolphins of Dos Santos, was chosen by the former president himself to guarantee the continuity of the system. But the relationship with the Dos Santos family quickly deteriorated when a few months later Isabel Dos Santos, another of the former president’s daughters, was fired from the management of the Sonagol oil company, the state oil company.

The complainant believes that the current government wants her to die so that she does not publicly speak out in favor of the opposition candidate, Adalberto Costa Júnior, of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (Unita), ahead of the general elections scheduled for next August. The daughter also believes that the Executive of Lourenço intends to capitalize on the popularity of Dos Santos with a supposed state funeral. If the case goes to court, in any case, the issue of deciding where the body is buried would be frozen by a judge. According to his family, Dos Santos had expressed his desire to be buried in Barcelona, ​​where he has lived since 2019.

Dos Santos’ health condition worsened suspiciously after a trip to Angola. The former president returned to Barcelona in March with 30 kilos less, according to the family, although his family doctor attributed it to a nervous disease. Tchizé is also suspicious of the return of his father’s second wife, with whom he had been separated since he left power in Angola, and who had access to housing. From then on, Tchizé considers, the children of the first marriage began to have more vetoed contact with his father. The complainant claims to be aware that this second woman intends to disconnect him from the sanitary machines.

In the hospital silence is imposed. Two men speak in Portuguese in the ICU waiting room. But when asked if they have a relationship with Dos Santos, they lower their heads. Silence. “Can’t you talk?” They shake their heads and keep their eyes fixed on the ground. Health professionals are also silent.

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