Forest fire at multiple locations in Greece

It was reported that some villages and a hotel were evacuated as a precaution due to forest fires in many parts of Greece.

Land and air extinguishing works are carried out for forest fires in the Amfissa region near Patra, Zakinthos Island in the Ionian Sea, Kranidi region in the Peloponnese, Shimatari region in the north of Athens, the Aynoroz Peninsula near Thessaloniki and the city of Ileia in the west of the country.

It was stated that strong winds across the country made it difficult to extinguish the fire.

While some villages were evacuated as a precautionary measure by the order of the Civil Defense Administration, a hotel in Kranidi was evacuated. Those who stayed at the hotel were transferred to the safe zone.

The Fire Brigade, which intervened in the fires, warned that the fire danger will continue tomorrow due to the strong wind.

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