Radical decision for her husband from Hadise! Officially closed

The artist, who married businessperson Mehmet Dinçerler, also changed the way of Hadise. It was claimed that Hadise, who gave up the bold clothes she wore on stage, gave up her mini style because of her husband’s family. The latest sharing of Hadise, who has attracted attention with her clothing recently, also drew attention. Here is Hadise’s new style, which goes to a change of clothes.

Among the family away from the cameras, Mehmet Dinçerler and the singer Hadise, who was married to the world, were alleged to have adjusted her husband’s clothing style due to her conservative family. Her fans, who noticed the change in her dressing at her concerts, gave full points to Hadise’s new style. Hadise, who attracted attention with a long red overalls, left mouths open with her new post. Here is the outfit from Hadise that surprised everyone.



Hadise, whose happiness is in Mehmet Dinçerler, had a wedding in the family at Çırağan Palace. Hadise, who has not shared anything about her wedding yet, started her work after the wedding. The artist, whose concert schedule is full, also adjusted the clothes she bought on stage.



Hadise, who allegedly shelved her mini clothes due to the conservative attitude of her husband and family, changed her style completely. Hadise, who was also admired for her current style, shocked everyone with her latest post. Hadise, who went through a change in her dances and outfits on the stage, turned into a completely different person. The beautiful artist, who draws attention in every way, started to get used to her style with her latest post.

Here is Hadise’s remarkable sharing



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