Delaying ‘astronomical’ flight from NASA

NASA announced that it has postponed the reconnaissance flight to be launched for the asteroid, which is worth 10 quintillion dollars with the mines on it. It was stated that the launch was postponed to an unspecified date, and if the flight planned for 11 October had taken place, it was stated that the spacecraft would have landed on the asteroid in 2026.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that it has suspended its asteroid exploration mission called Psyche. In the statement made by NASA, it was announced that the metal asteroid mission planned for this year will discuss the study of the massive asteroid and the exploitation of its resources.

The approximate value of the metal-laden asteroid Psyche is estimated at $10 quintillion.


of to the news According to the latest statement from NASA, it was stated that the spacecraft developed for Psyche experienced unexpected delays before its launch on October 11.

Expressing that there will not be enough time to test the flight software, the agency announced that the launch was postponed to an indefinite time.


Had the launch occurred on October 11, the spacecraft would have reached Psyche in 2026.

But the cancellation of the metal asteroid survey mission also created uncertainty about when the new research would take place.

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