The green field is back in the boxing ring

A fight broke out at the end of the Strawberry Cup final match held in Bartın. Trying to separate the players from each other, the police intervened with tear gas.

In the final match of the Strawberry Cup, organized by the Bartın Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, Abdipaşa Spor and Kumluca Spor faced off. The regular time of the match, in which the two teams could not outdo each other, ended in a draw.

Serial penalty shootouts were started to determine the team that will win the cup. As a result of the penalty shootout, Abdipaşa Spor won the match 9-8 and reached the cup. Abdipaşa Spor players, who completed the tournament as champions, celebrated the championship by running to their fans.

The argument that broke out between the two rival football players during the celebrations suddenly turned into a fight. Police teams, who wanted to break up the fight in which kicks and punches were talking, intervened with pepper spray against the players involved in the fight, as the events grew.

Kumluca Mayor İsmail Can was exposed to pepper spray while trying to separate the fighters.
After the events calmed down, the parties left the field.

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