The forest fires motion was rejected with the votes of the AK Party and MHP.

The motions submitted by the CHP and HDP to investigate forest fires at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey were rejected by the AK Party and MHP.

CHP and HDP, General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National AssemblyAt today’s session of Forest The group brought a proposal for the discussion of the research proposals that they had previously given separately in order to determine the precautions to be taken against the fires.

CHP Muğla Deputy Suleyman Girgin, Expressing that the government did not learn from what happened last year, he said, “While the days of hell we experienced last year are still in our memory, our Muğla, Marmaris, which is a geography with its wolf, bird and tree, is burning again because of a government that failed to fight fire. An area the size of 4035 football fields is unfortunately burning. The heart of the country is in Muğla, the eyes of the people of Muğla are in the air, and everyone is waiting for this fire to go out with an active struggle,” he said.

Girgin said, “The slightest wind that will increase the fire gives goosebumps. We are angry. Now I want to ask: Didn’t we shout loudly? Didn’t we tell you, this is the age of fires, this issue should be taken seriously; ecological disaster is at the door, global warming is burning everywhere; especially , The Mediterranean basin will burn for a long time. The most important issue in the fight against fire is the appropriate, early and effective response. At this point, we must make the forest villagers more active. ‘Helicopters with night vision will arrive on July 4th.’ ” used the phrases.

Gaziantep Deputy speaking on HDP motion Mahmut Toğrul “According to the 2021 activity report of the General Directorate of Forestry, there were 2,411 forest fires in 2017, 2,167 in 2018, 2,688 in 2019, and 3,399 in 2020. Only in 2021, 140,000 hectares of forest area were destroyed as a result of 2,793 forest fires. 39 firefighting helicopters, three amphibious aircraft, four unmanned aerial vehicles and one tanker aircraft were leased for firefighting. 203 million 107 thousand TL was paid for only three planes rented for one hundred and fifty three days. Look, scientists state that these planes, which are rented for high amounts, are not suitable for Turkey’s geographical structure, therefore they are ineffective in extinguishing fires. The AKP government made a tender to eliminate THK (Turkish Aeronautical Association) planes, which were effective in extinguishing fires, put a condition of 5 thousand liters of water in the tender, and unfortunately eliminated THK planes and Turkish Aeronautical Association planes because their water carrying capacity was less than 100 liters,” he said.

“There is such a perception management in this country that it is almost as if you are telling lies when you look at your eyes,” said Toğrul, “Look, it is said, ‘Every precaution has been taken’. It’s burning. Not only the forests are on fire; all the bugs and insects in the forests are burning alive. The plague is on all of you. Well, what does the Minister say? The Minister says: ‘The planes will arrive on July 4, and the helicopter with night vision will arrive on July 1.’ You know, did you take all the precautions? When all the precautions were taken? It’s almost as if the people are being mocked. It was said on the evening news the day before: ‘The fire is under control.’ But we see that the fire has been going on for three days and Marmaris is on fire.” he said.

After the speeches, the proposals of CHP and HDP were rejected with the votes of AK Party and MHP.

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