The Supreme Court overturned the life sentence given to 66 military students

The Supreme Court overturned the sentence of military students who were sentenced to life imprisonment in the Sultanbeyli file. Families of the students started to share photos of their release from the front of Silivri Prison.

Supreme Court, 15 July after the coup attempt Sultanbeyli arrested under the file and sentenced to life imprisonment 66 cadets overturned his decision. First of all, students Furkan Cetinkaya‘s mother Melek Cetinkaya He shared the message “I’m not sure, but my son was released. I won’t believe it until I see it” on Twitter. Silivri Prison went ahead.

Next Attorney Cemil Cicek, He wrote on Twitter that “the file of cadets who received life sentences has been corrupted by the Supreme Court”.

HDP deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu “The unlawful sentences against 67 cadets have been overturned in the Supreme Court of Appeals. Of course it will be overturned! Are we shouting for nothing that cadets are innocent for years, you are persecuting them for nothing. I met @MelekCetk, who is waiting in front of the prison, we are waiting for a photo :)” tweeted.

After a while, Melek Çetinkaya posted a photo of her on Twitter with her released son, in front of the prison.

Lawyer Ayca Cicek “The number is 66, as far as we know, there is no release for 50 students at the moment. Until we see the decision, we will be happy with what we have taken for now. We are in Silivri for release.”

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