Let’s see if they have the same opinion.

Former Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek was involved in the discussion that started between former Parliament Speaker Bülent Arınç and AK Party member Mehmet Metiner, by sharing social media. Recalling Arınç’s words that there is an opinion about him in the society, Gökçek said, “There are about 170,000 common-sense people I follow. Let’s see if they agree.” said.

Turkish Democracy Foundation’at the meeting held by AK PartyOne of the three names in the founding staff of Bulent Arincused the expression “His Majesty’s journalists” for journalists close to the government and said, “It is time to cough and shout. It is time to say that the king is naked. God gives glory to the brave.”

AK Party member Mehmet Metiner On the other hand, reacting to Arınç’s words, he replied, “We don’t want to hear his name, that’s enough; I hope he gets expelled, and shame on those who keep him in the party”.

Thereupon, Arinc used the phrases for Metiner, “The human spine consists of 33 bones. Yours consists of lies, slander and envy.”


Former Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gokcek He also shared about Arınç.

Gökçek’s post is as follows:

“Bülent Arınç said, ‘I am a person who has completed my 50 years in politics. The society has an opinion about me. There is an opinion such as ‘This man is honest, this man is conscientious and has reason’. There are about 170,000 common-sense names that I follow. Let’s see if they think the same?

Mr. Bülent tweeted 156,000 people in 2 hours. More than 2000 comments have been received so far. Could you please check the comments? Are there 10 people like you said?”

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