He killed his cousin, whom he was arguing with, on the street with a shotgun

In Niğde, Battal Kılınç was shot and killed by MB, the son of his aunt, with whom he had an argument, in the middle of the street with a shotgun.

In the incident that took place in the evening hours at İlhanlı Mahallesi 99 Sokak in Niğde, MB started arguing with Battal Kılınç, the son of his aunt, whom he allegedly went to in front of his house, for an unknown reason.

As the argument escalated, MB opened fire with a shotgun. While Kilinc was seriously injured by bullets hitting various parts of his body, MB fled the scene.

Police and medical team were dispatched to the scene upon the notification. After the first intervention of the medical teams, Kılınç was taken to Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University Training and Research Hospital. However, the injured could not be saved despite all the efforts of the doctors.

The police have started work to catch the murder suspect MB.

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