Summer workshops started at Disabled Children’s Break House

Painting, music and various fine arts workshops are organized for children with special needs.

Disabled Children’s Break House, affiliated to Adana Metropolitan Municipality Health and Social Services Department, Disabled Services Branch Office, has been serving children with special needs and their families for more than 1 year. Various workshops are held for children with special needs, accompanied by expert trainers and teachers, in the format of a summer school, which started at the Disabled Children’s Break House and will continue in the coming days.

In the activities, which started as one day a week and are planned to be increased to 3-4 days a week in the following months, children with special needs are taken from their homes by shuttle services, and their works such as painting, handicrafts, music, rag dolls, beads and jewelry making, marbling painting and cake making are taught by expert teachers. and with the trainers.

Materials will be provided by teams affiliated to Adana Metropolitan Municipality and children with special needs will be dropped off at their homes at the end of the event. During the workshops and training, a health officer, psychologist, PDR specialist and child development specialist will be with the children. The productions of children with special needs will be exhibited at the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Theater Foyer at the beginning of the 2022-2023 Education Period.

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