Roads collapsed in flood in Kastamonu

In the Taşköprü district of Kastamonu, the roads were damaged in the flood that occurred due to the torrential rain. The transportation of the 8 closed villages is provided by alternative routes.

KastamonuThe downpour affected life negatively. Stone bridge The road to the village of Karapürçek and the village of Hamzaoğlu collapsed due to flooding. Lightning struck the electricity pole in Yeniler Mahallesi. Due to the damaged roads, transportation to 8 villages is provided by alternative routes.

AK Party Taşköprü District President Hüseyin Erol stated that the downpour that has been experienced for 2 days has caused destruction on the village roads and said, “I went to the areas damaged by the flood and participated in the damage assessment studies. The damage caused by the flood will be repaired quickly and the closed roads will be opened to transportation immediately.”

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