2 Bulgarian businessmen tried to be kidnapped in Edirne

Two suspects, who attempted to kidnap 2 Bulgarian businessmen in Edirne Kapıkule, introduced themselves as police and wanted to handcuff the Bulgarian citizen, they fled by car and hid in the village as a result of the brawl. While the people of the village are uneasy, the Gendarmerie blockades the village and continues its search efforts everywhere.

Bulgarian from Istanbul by following the business person Edirne2 suspects who came to Edirne, Edirne Kapikule Border Gate’They tried to forcibly kidnap Bulgarian business people PN and D.Z, who came to the dormitory for shopping by posing as police and wearing handcuffs at a rest facility near the city.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarians, who resisted the 2 suspects, resisted to get into the car. The two suspects, who realized that they would be lynched with the involvement of the citizens in the facility, fled by getting in the car.

CAR HAS BEEN Abandoned in the Village

Police and gendarmerie teams, who were followed by a car upon the notice, found the car abandoned in the Geçkinli Village of Edirne’s Süloğlu district. Gendarmerie teams launched extensive search and scanning activities in the village of Süloğlu district and on the Greek border to catch the escaped persons. The people of the village, on the other hand, are uneasy with the fear that the suspects may be hiding in their homes.

Expressing that he was nervous when he saw many gendarmerie vehicles patrolling his villages, Fikret Inan said, “We saw 8-10 gendarmerie vehicles roaming here. Since we were not aware of the incident, we suspected and investigated the situation. Later, we learned that the incident started in Kapıkule and continued in our village. The suspects may be in the village, so we are uneasy as the whole village people. At the moment, gendarmerie teams are conducting searches in and around the village. Searches with drones continue. Everyone is pessimistic at the moment because there were people who saw 2 people coming to the village, so we are in a state of unease,” he said.

Sezai Çal, one of the residents of the village, stated that he saw foreign people in the village and said, “Two people passed in front of my house. I didn’t talk to them, but I was suspicious. Then I came to the village square. They also left their vehicles above. Nothing like this has happened in our village before,” he said.

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