Threat from Kadyrov to Zelensky

Known for his intense support to Russia, President of Chechnya Kadyrov said “They will see a real operation soon” regarding Ukraine and threatened Ukrainian President Zelensky with death.

According to Newsweek’s report “You will see a real operation in the coming days,” Chechnya President Kadyrov said in a video message released on Sunday.

Defining Ukrainians as ‘devils’, Kadyrov said, “You will see that these demons have been cleared not only from the cities we bought but also from the whole Ukraine.”

Kadyrov also stated that Russian forces will soon implement new tactics in Ukraine.

Finally, threatening Ukrainian President Zelenskiy in his speech, Kadyrov said, “I warn Zelenskiy for the last time. Come out with your hands up and say, ‘I surrender,’ or you will die.”


Often accused of using “medieval” tortures against his enemies, Kadyrov is referred to as “the son Putin never had” for his devotion to the Kremlin leader.

According to the news that The Times based on the Russian media in the past months, it was stated that Vladimir Putin gave Ramazan Kadyrov the rank of lieutenant general because of his struggle and support in Ukraine.

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