The teenager who confused the way back got lost in the woods

14-year-old Burak Pıtırkan in Bursa went to the forest to get some air after LGS. Pitırkan, who confused the way back, was found 2 hours later.

Burak Pıtırkan (14), who was stuck in the forest area where he went to get air after the High School Entrance System (LGS) exam in Bursa, was rescued by AFAD teams. Burak Pıtırkan, who took the LGS exam, went for a walk in the forest area in Kaplıkaya Mahallesi of the central Yıldırım district to relieve the stress and fatigue he had been experiencing for months. Pıtırkan, who had been walking for a while here, was stuck at the point where the water dam in the region was with the dark.


Confusing the way back, Pıtırkan shared the situation with his family at around 21.00. Upon the notification of his family, AFAD and police teams were sent to the region. The teams, which started the search and rescue work in the forest area, reached Pıtırkan approximately 2 hours later. The teams rescued Pıtırkan and handed him over to his family. Pıtırkan, who did not have any injuries, hugged the AFAD teams and thanked them.


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