Armed fight between hostile families in Batman: 3 dead

In the gunfight between two hostile families in Batman’s Kozluk district, 3 people lost their lives and 3 people were detained.

The incident occurred in the evening hours in Armutlu village of Kozluk district. The dispute that broke out between two hostile families for an unknown reason soon grew into an armed fight. Hasan, Kazım and Niyazi Durmaz from the same family lost their lives at the scene in the fight, in which long-barreled weapons were also used. Upon the notification, many health and gendarmerie teams were sent to the scene. While the gendarmerie took extensive security measures in the village, the bodies of those who lost their lives were taken to the Kozluk State Hospital morgue after the investigation at the scene.

While the gendarmerie detained 3 suspects, a large-scale investigation was launched regarding the incident.

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