20 percent of Ukraine’s territory is under Russian control.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the Russian army currently controls 20 percent of Ukrainian territory. Zelenskiy said that Russia fired a total of 2,478 missiles at Ukraine.

Russia’of UkraineAs their attacks on President of Ukraine Zelensky Luxembourg addressed the parliament. Zelensky, the Russian army is currently Ukraine He said he had control of 20 percent of his land. It was stated that 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory corresponds to approximately 125 thousand square kilometers, while the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia illegally occupied in 2014, is included in the said territory.

“We have to defend ourselves against almost the entire Russian army. All Russian military formations ready for war were involved in this aggression,” Zelenskiy said, adding that the battle line is more than a thousand kilometers long.

Zelenskiy stated that Russia had fired 15 cruise missiles the other day, and that since February 24, a total of 2,478 missiles had been fired at Ukraine, and that “most of the missiles targeted civilian infrastructure”.

On the other hand, the Russian army controls most of Severodonetsk, while the complete Russian army captures the city, meaning Russia controls almost all of Luhansk.

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