Pre-trial support from Mansur Yavaş: I’m with you İmamoğlu

Mansur Yavaş published a message of support to Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), before the verdict of the case against him.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) Mayor Mansur Yavaş has issued a support message that he is with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu before the verdict of the case against him today.

The trial of Ekrem İmamoğlu will be held today (June 1) for allegedly insulting the President and members of the YSK in the press statement he made after the March 31 elections were cancelled.

Yavaş, on the other hand, published the following message on his social media account before the court hearing will be held:

“Justice is not achieved through political domination, but only through the rule of law. We have a responsibility to keep democracy alive for our youth, for our future. I am with you Ekrem İmamoğlu, with respect for the will of Istanbul and love for the fair rulers of Istanbul.”

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