The economy is bad, but we are good at foreign policy, right?

Recently, the defense of power “Yes, there are some problems in the economy, but we are good in foreign policy” We see that you have installed the line. When read backwards, this sentence means that the crisis in the economy is in foreign policy. “steadfast stance”It contains the implication that it is a bill of lading. As he insists on an independent foreign policy, the thesis is processed that Turkey faces attacks in every field, from the dollar to interest, from inflation to investments. to the society “If we want an independent foreign policy, we will pay some prices in the economy” message is given.

There is no need to explain the reasons for the bad course in the economy over and over… Now everyone has an answer to questions such as why the exchange rate has risen, why prices cannot be stopped, what is the share of our inflation from the world’s inflation, and finally how successful are the economic policies in preventing the crisis. Even assuming that Turkey is under the attack of global financial barons, foreign powers, dark circles, etc., let’s put aside the fact that it is the government itself that has to overcome it. Let’s not question the constant repetition of the government’s inability to protect the country against vague attacks from outside.

The question is: Is Turkey successful in foreign policy as claimed? The economy is bad, but is the foreign policy on the right track?

Let’s answer together… Whichever it is; It is possible for a country that is dependent on foreign sources, from energy to technology, from countless raw materials to food, to have a good economy, but the first condition for this is to have a good and consistent foreign policy. For example, in the first half of the AK Party years, Turkey was again dependent on foreign countries, but while law and democracy were working inside, its economy was strong because it followed a good policy abroad. Budget deficit, current account deficit, inflation, exchange rate and unemployment were low; the level of wages was incomparably higher and the reserves were sufficient. Most importantly, foreign direct investment was coming and he did not have to cheapen citizenship. Its foreign policy was also not dependent on the capitals of other countries; on the contrary, he carried the requirements of his own colors and interests. In this way, it was able to become a center valued by the world and a country that all countries wanted to cooperate with.

A successful foreign policy depends on obtaining results that can contribute to the welfare of the country while increasing security. At that time, Turkey had achieved this balance thanks to its own power. Then, an electoral-oriented foreign policy based on prowess and rhetoric stepped in. A “decisive and upright attitude” began to be told inside, and as the narrative intensified, no gain could be gained in any file.
There were three main objectives in Syria, such as territorial integrity, prevention of the PYD/YPG regional formation and sending the refugees back. In the Aegean issue, which is the issue we are most right about, exciting rests were made to the whole world, but in the end, we agreed to a final that confronts all old/new friendly countries in the Mediterranean basin and a more backward position in defending our interests.

At the end of those stormy days, the problem between us and Greece turned from being a Turkish-Greek problem to a Turkish-Europe/USA problem. Relations between Greece and Cyprus, as well as the United States and Europe, gained an advanced military base. Our ships are waiting at the port and now we are looking for ways to develop relations with Egypt, which we have targeted with heavy words until recently. The compromising situation we have made to restore relations with the UAE and Saudi Arabia is obvious. to establish relations with Israel. “Palestine issue is separate, relations with Israel are different” We had to say.

At the beginning of the Ukrainian invasion, we once again looked for good relations with the West, but within a few weeks we anchored again close to Russia. We are trying to veto the NATO membership of Finland and Sweden for good reason, but we continue to ignore the fact that Russia, which we are close to, has a PKK office in Moscow and that it protects the YPG in Syria. Again, we have been excluded from the F-35 project, of which we are a partner, as a bill for the S-400 missiles, which we have taken for good relations with Russia and do not know what to do now.

Even though the wrong, targetless and virtuous foreign policy increased the excitement of some people inside, it isolated Turkey at the table, forced the economy to expensive financial procurement costs and completely dried up foreign capital. “The economy is bad but we are good outside” The slogan does not reflect reality. Insisting on this only makes the situation worse.

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