The big drop in the dollar will scare! P&L map for those who collect dollars and gold from Selcoin

Selçuk Ergin (Selcoin), who makes market analyzes every day on the Youtube channel with his accurate predictions, drew attention to the critical process in his newly published video. Profit and loss tips for the critical process from Selcoin, which warns that there may be intervention for the bustling markets.

Selcoin, which analyzes the exchange rate on its Youtube channel, evaluated the course of the dollar and gold in June. Stating that the safest investment tool is gram gold, Selcoin drew attention to the intervention and emphasized that the investor should pay attention in this process. Here is the roadmap from Selcoin, let those who have gold and dollars in hand.



Drawing attention to the critical pricing in the markets, Selcoin stated that the FED will go into a jam in September. Selcoin, which gave good news for ounce gold, said that the serious pressure on the dollar rate will continue. Underlining that the safest port in commodity instruments is gram gold and gram silver, Selcoin stated that it has opened its new doors. “An important threshold is being passed,” said Selcoin, “Reasonable investment physical gram gold. We have entered a process where we have to be ready for shock under the gram. There was a pricing by USD/TL. Pricing on the six-ounce side has not yet come. We are in critical areas before the closings. “The next week will be very important for these products,” he said.


Drawing attention to 1000 liras under gram, Selcoin said that instead of buying opportunities with 900, it is now 940 levels. Evaluating the market effect of the Central Bank’s intervention, Selcoin stated that this situation will create relaxation in the markets. He also underlined that the attacks will continue after a short period of relaxation. Saying that the 900 levels are now in the leaning back mode, Selcoin said, “If there is a closing at the 1865 level under ounce, gram gold will throw itself over 1000 TL.”



Expressing that he expects regressions regarding my dollar index, Selcoin said that the dollar index will sag from 101 dollars to 98 dollars. Stating that there will be rises under ounces with the decline of the dollar, Selcoin said that the dollar will see 17 levels. He claimed that even if the packages, which will be announced by the Central Bank for the purpose of intervention, loosen the dollar rate, they will not be able to prevent the dollar from rising to 20 TL towards the end of the summer months. Evaluating the rising inflation, Selcoin warned of a coup.

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