Statement from Süleyman Soylu regarding concert bans: These events are beyond me

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has recently made a statement regarding the banning and cancellation of concerts. Soylu said, “Now, in the last days, ‘There are barriers to artists.’ These events are beyond me once,” he said.

Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, who visited Diyarbakır, spoke about the ban and cancellation of concerts by the artists in a program where he was a guest on TRT Kurdî. Saying that the cancellation decisions are not related to him, Soylu said, “The events that happened are beyond me. We have to separate this. Of course, because of the language of the song, can anyone sing in Arabic or sing in Kurdish, he continues to say. I shouldn’t see it,” he said.

In Soylu’s statements, the relevant section is as follows:

“Now, in the last days, ‘There are barriers to artists.’ “The events that have happened are beyond me. There is something like this, we need to separate this. Of course, because of the language of someone’s song, can they sing in Arabic or in Kurdish,” he continues to say.


Nobody is being prevented from singing or performing their art in Kurdish in this country, it cannot be prevented, but there is this. Look, we also experience this from time to time in local issues. There are Kurdish local singers. Do they play at weddings? Are they playing? When is there a reaction, sometimes by the public and sometimes by the people? When these songs turn into terror, from the moment they turn into terrorist propaganda, he says, ‘Wait a minute’. This is a political exploit.

There is nothing wrong with language and art here. It is very wrong to see it this way. It is the same whether he says it in Turkish, Kurdish, English or Arabic. If ISIS makes propaganda in Arabic, will I allow it or will the citizens allow it?


For God’s sake, there is no such thing. No one can be marginalized because of their language or art, but if there has been a connection or affiliation against terrorism in the past, the public, citizens or institutions and organizations, some commercial establishments, having the fear of ‘I do not allow this’ has nothing to do with terrorism.

Now, let’s say the day after tomorrow, they didn’t remove it or they blocked it, or he said, ‘I don’t allow it,’ but think about this, this is not only about terrorism, but also with another motive, a person may not allow it on his own will, but it also raises the issue of not allowing it regarding terrorism. can put it.”

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