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On Tuesday, the Government approved the largest public employment offer in history: 44,788 places, of which 34,151 correspond to the ordinary offer (the sum of new hires and internal promotion) and 10,637 to the stabilization of interim personnel. Of the total of ordinary places, the vast majority correspond to the General Administration of the State (AGE). Thus, for example, 84 vacancies have been opened for permanent doctors, 55 for veterinarians, 80 for State industrial engineers, 140 for tax inspectors, 11 meteorologists, 40 for prison security specialists, 30 for diplomatic careers, or four for astronomers. .

Beyond the AGE, the Council of Ministers has approved almost 5,000 places for the State Security Forces and Bodies. Of that total, 2,906 are for the National Police Corps and the rest for the Civil Guard. In addition, there are 1,951 vacancies for the Armed Forces, 1,732 for the Administration of Justice and five for the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

The selective processes of all public places must be published before December 31 of this year, “unless there is just cause that proves its impossibility”. In turn, all the selection processes must be completed within three years of the approval of the royal decree, which entered into force on May 26. Although the BOE has not yet published the calls for the selective tests of the new offer, the selection criteria are usually always the same. This is the case of the oppositions for doctors, tax inspectors, veterinarians or police officers described here.

In general, in order to participate in any contest, it is required be between 16 and 65 years of age and have Spanish nationality. It’s essential prove the functional capacity to perform the tasks corresponding to the positionhave the degree that is required in each position, and not have been separated by means of a disciplinary file from the service of any of the public administrations or the bodies of the Autonomous Communities.

In order to have the right to oppose, it is possible to demand not having been convicted of any intentional crime. This is the case of the security forces, where compliance with certain physical requirements is also required. In any case, Applicants must pay a fee for the right to the exam that varies depending on the place. People who are unemployed at least one month before the publication of each call are exempt from payment. Also those who are members of a family in which there are five children or more, and the victims of terrorism. In any case, the new decree has introduced innovations in terms of selection with the aim of modernizing and streamlining processes.

Officials are divided into three groups (A, B and C) based on the level of training required for each position. In the first group, it is required to be in possession of a university degree; This is the case of state attorneys, astronomers, tax inspectors and aeronautical engineers. For B it is necessary to have the title of Higher Technician, this is the case of technical forest engineers, for whom the Ministry has opened 15 places. For C, which is subdivided into two, it can be a high school or technical degree, or a school graduate, depending on the case. Here is the administrative general of the State administration, where 2,918 new jobs have been approved.

The average salary of each official varies depending on the group to which he belongs. According to the Ministry of Finance, in 2022 the basic salary of an A1 official is 16,392 euros per year. That of group B of 12,853 euros; that of the C1 of 11,040 euros and that of the C2 of 9,358 euros. Public employees have two extra payments per year and there are supplements for a series of concepts, among which destination and productivity stand out, which can even double the base salary.

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