The minibus carrying the students hit the truck: 17 injured

The minibus carrying the students returning from Gaziantep to Osmaniye crashed into the truck and overturned. 17 people, including students and parents, were injured in the accident. The injured were transferred to nearby hospitals.

The accident occurred at 21.00, 5 kilometers from Osmaniye toll booths. Going from Gaziantep to Osmaniye, M.C. 80 ACK 599 plated service vehicle under the direction of the administration changed lanes to avoid hitting 34 BMU 748 plate cars under the direction of NC, which was allegedly driving in front of it in Dervişiye village location. The minibus, in which the driver M.Ç. lost control of the steering wheel, overturned after hitting the TIR driven by E.Ş. from behind.

17 people, including students and parents, were injured in the minibus, which was dragged about 35 meters. A large number of health and police teams were sent to the scene with the notification of the people around. First aids were made by the medical teams who came to the scene, and the injured were taken to the surrounding hospitals. While it was learned that the condition of the injured was good and that there was no life-threatening condition; An investigation into the accident has been initiated.

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