First licenses issued for electric vehicle charging stations: Cost at one-third

EMRA Chairman Yılmaz announced that they have granted the first charging network operator licenses in Turkey. “The fuel cost of charging electric vehicles from home at current prices is about one-third of the fuel cost of gasoline and diesel vehicles,” Yılmaz said.

Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) President Mustafa Yilmazthe first in Turkey charging network announced that they had granted their operating licenses. Yılmaz, in his statement, stated that Turkey’s electric vehicle market and charging network infrastructure are still in the early stages.

Noting that there are approximately 6,500 electric vehicles and nearly 3,500 charging units in Turkey according to the end of 2021 data, Yılmaz said, “With the acceleration to be created by our domestic automobile, TOGG, it is clear that an increase in the number of charging stations will be required. When we look at the world averages, every 10 “We see the need for a charging unit for electric vehicles. Considering that we will reach over 1 million electric vehicles in 2030, the need for at least 100,000 charging units will emerge. In this sense, a strong charging network infrastructure is indispensable for the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem.” he said.

Yılmaz stated that they observed that the regulations they made for the charging service market created a significant awareness and brought dynamism to the sector.

Reminding that they started to receive applications for charging network operator licenses as of April 18, Yılmaz said, “We see and welcome the intense interest of our investors in this field. I would like to point out that the grant package announced by our Ministry of Industry and Technology recently increased the interest in this field. With the announced grant package, efforts are being made to expand the fast charging infrastructure in particular. used the expressions.

Yılmaz continued as follows:

“Within the scope of the regulations made by our institution, companies will be able to operate a charging network with the charging network operator license they will receive. At our Board, we evaluated 5 license applications that have completed their files in the first place and gave our first licenses. Charging network operator license holders can provide certificates to electric vehicle users with the units they will install themselves. It will also be able to provide services in a way similar to the dealership system in the fuel sector. Here, various business models and opportunities arise for our small-scale investors through the certificate system.”


Stating that the electric vehicle ecosystem is an area where digital technologies are used intensively, Yılmaz said that on the Free Access Platform to be established by EMRA, electric vehicle users can use a mobile application to determine the geographical locations of public charging stations, the number of charging units and sockets, types and powers, payment methods and availability. Told them they could see it.

Yılmaz stated that this way, users will have the opportunity to travel more comfortably and economically with their electric vehicles and said, “The fuel costs of electric vehicles are much more advantageous when compared to gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles. It’s about a third of the fuel cost of cars.” said.

Yılmaz said that they closely follow developments in innovative areas such as vehicle-to-grid electricity technology, other advanced technological applications that will support the smart grid, battery replacement stations, mobile charging stations, wireless charging, on-road charging units, electric roads, and lighting pole units.

“Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, cloud, big data and similar applications that trigger the digital transformation of the energy market are other areas of innovation that we focus on. Our regulated companies have the necessary regulatory infrastructure to improve efficiency and service quality by using these technologies. “

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