Zelensky demands in Davos to requisition all Russian assets abroad and allocate them to war victims | International

The Davos Forum has rolled out its particular red carpet for the president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, who has offered the opening speech of the annual meeting. Before some of the main political and business leaders of the world, Zelensky has called for more sanctions against Russia, just one day before three months after the invasion of the country: “Now is the time to give an answer. All Russian banks must be sanctioned without exception, cut off all their access to technology and all commercial ties ”, he has claimed by videoconference, dressed in his already emblematic green shirt. In his opinion, “maximum pressure must be exerted so that any aggressor knows the consequences of their actions. That level has not yet been reached,” said Zelensky, who has called for all Russian assets abroad to be seized and put into a special fund for those affected by the war. “If the aggressors lose everything, they will have less motivation to start wars,” he has said.

Rarely has the central stage of the Davos Congress Center been too small to accommodate the interest of the participants in listening to one of the guests. It has only happened with some of the great world leaders who can decide the fate of the world, such as the presidents of the US, Donald Trump, or of China, Xi Jinping. And he has returned to spend this Monday with Volodímir Zelenski, before whom all the attendees have stood up and have broken into applause at the end of his speech.

“There are many moments in history when things have changed dramatically, as happened in Sarajevo in 1994, so you always have to respond to prevent similar acts from happening in the future,” Zelensky insisted. The Ukrainian president has been “very grateful for the support” of the international community, but he has not spared reproaches either: “If [la contundente respuesta internacional actual] Had it happened in 2014, Russia would not have initiated these actions and so many lives would not have been lost.”

All in all, the message to the Davos leaders has had an important economic profile and has encouraged companies to invest in the reconstruction of the country. “All Western companies must leave Russia and I offer them to come to Ukraine, to develop their activity from here. We offer a new way to participate in the reconstruction”, he insisted. “We need 5,000 million dollars a month to function and finance the war and create a fund to rebuild the country,” Zelensky estimated.

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