Marmaray detail in AK Party’s discount offer on student tickets

In the offer of discount on student tickets offered by the AK Party Group to IMM, it was requested that the discount to be made in Marmaray be paid to the Ministry of Transport from the IMM budget.

The last meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly May sessions is held at the presidential building in Saraçhane. In the session chaired by Ömer Faruk Kalaycı, the 2nd Deputy Chairman of the İBB Assembly, the decision to exempt the students vetoed by İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu from the 40% increase in public transportation and to subsidize the difference by İBB was discussed again.

The AK Party-MHP group, which constitutes the majority in the parliament, resisted the veto decision. The proposal to exempt students from the 40 percent hike in public transportation taken at UKOME, presented by the AK Party-MHP group in April, and to cover the difference in monthly student subscription fee by IMM, passed the parliament as an “insistence decision”. The decision will enter into force after the approval of İBB President İmamoğlu.

Another detail was included in the proposal submitted to the IMM by the AK Party and MHP. In the proposal, it was requested that the discount to be applied in Marmaray, operated by the Ministry of Transport, be met from the IMM budget.

The proposal included the phrase “… the difference of 1.07 TL per pass will be subsidized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and paid to the relevant enterprises”.


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