Gultekin Uysal’s ‘Abdülhamid Han’ controversy

DP leader Uysal said, “Ms. Meral, who are you, who is it that insults Abdulhamid? There are three of them at the table of six, which never spoke out to Sultan Abdulhamid. What happened now?’

IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener said in a program she participated in Halk TV, “This is a rebellion against the tyranny. If the subject here is Abdulhamid, if friends say so, today’s subject is Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” President Erdoğan also asked Akşener, “Ms. Meral, who are you, who is it that is insulting Abdülhamid? There are three of the six tables, which did not speak out against Sultan Abdulhamid. What happened now?” he reacted with the words.


Erdoğan received a response from DP Chairman Gültekin Uysal. Uysal, in his social media account, shared the following:

“The AKP, which is a historical reading of superstition, fallacy and legend, uses it as ammunition in political competition by distorting and distorting history. Starting from the period when they could not directly voice their objections to the Republic and Atatürk, they felt the need to compete and position the Republic and the Ottoman Empire as if they were rivals. Today, the AKP, especially when there is nothing left to say, creates a religious-national-hamasi line of defense and attack through Abdulhamid Han. In particular, Mr. Erdogan and his associates… As one of our nationalist intellectuals put it, Erdogan compares Abdulhamid Han to himself instead of looking like Abdulhamid Han. I do not think that those who defended Abdulhamid Han throughout the history of the Republic, nor those who developed criticism with violence, made a correct assessment.”

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