Deniz Barut: I teach my children the old Turkish we use in Destan

The beautiful actress Deniz Barut, who played a role in the epic series, made special statements for the program BizBiz, which was broadcast on a Para. Barut, who has two sons, said, “I liked the old Turkish words we used in the series and added them to my life. I teach these to my children as well.”

Sinan Özedincik and Sonat Bahar’s “We are Us” program met the audience on A para screens with its colorful guests. In the first part of the program, Istanbul State Opera and Ballet General Manager and Artistic Director Suat Arıkan, Epic series actor Deniz Barut and Zeyno Günenç, who took part in the play named İkinin Biri, were guests. Mehtap Bayri, Gizem Güneş and singer Cenk Yüksel took part in the second episode.



Her name was Sevgi, it was my first lead role, it was a big responsibility for me. It was a beautiful step. Both the production company and my actor friends were very supportive. I was sad that it was over, but it was a place where I developed myself and made good friendships. There was no ego on our set. One of my greatest luck is that my partner is Yunus Emre.

At the age of 12, I played in the TV series Binbir Gece. I was in middle school and I was ostracized. It was during my adolescence. I couldn’t go to school one or two days a week, I was going to the set. They said, ‘You pass the lessons before you come to school’. However, I worked hard to close the gap. I also faced prejudice in high school.

I am a French teacher graduate. I worked as a trainee teacher at Çamlıca Girls’ High School for a year. My drama 4N1K had just ended, I was a popular teacher. But it is very difficult to run both together.



The series is very busy but enjoyable. It received a good response from the audience. We had a long training period. We took lessons in using sword accessories, horseback riding, as well as history lessons from valuable consultants. I think we have captured the spirit of that era. .

Destan has a very special place for me. It was a period that I was interested in, it was a series where I learned a lot.

I have horse scenes. The horse has been very good to all of us. I guess I can’t get it out of my life anymore. I didn’t think you could understand me this much. It senses your tension, instantly reflects and rehabilitates. There is such a thing as horse therapy. This is a treatment method.

Somewhere on the stage, I have to get off the horse and enter the palace. Bored, like a child, he wants to run: I said, ‘Enough, just stand still’ in the middle of the scene. It stopped immediately.

I really liked some of the old Turkish words used in the series and added them to my life. I feel sorry for my two sons to shorten words. I teach them these words too.



every age period I see it on TV. Children of all ages should not hear he knows. how many generations has grown up with us. big men women we came and grew up with you they say. started in 2002 We are in 2022. Search no TV not given. Bid rights It would be much better if it was. We get paid once but We are always famous.

after 10 years I’m back with a game called One of Two to the theater. In June our outdoor games again it will be. Our staff is 50 years old above but at an incredible pace we are playing. Even the audience getting tired of watching. each other we trust so much on stage, This is really important.

I just do theatre. things I don’t want I decided not to now. I’m doing what I want. Theater is much more keeps me active. to the stage When I go out I say oh my, good thing i do this job I say.



I played Don Quixote’s opera before. A very important character in my life is Don Quixote. We’re doing the musical right now, The Man from the Mancha. We lived 13 years without AKM. Our workshops, costumes, administrative building were all in separate places. We were very happy when we came back. I have an artistic life that has been going on for 41 years. Due to age, I will be retiring on Tuesday evening with the musical The Man from Mancha. However, I will be on the stage again at Sinan Opera on May 29. Just because I’m retired doesn’t mean my stage life will end

The relationship with the costume is something that supports the acting a lot. The costume makes a huge contribution to my not being able to take on another role persona. When I integrate with the costume, make-up, stage, lighting and audience, I take on a different mood.

After the work meets the audience, it becomes a work of art, and the creator becomes the artist. Paint as much as you want or write a book, if it doesn’t meet the audience, it doesn’t make sense, then you are not an artist.

I graduated from Ankara State Conservatory in Cebeci. After I came to Istanbul, I tried to explain that opera is not really a scary thing. It looks very serious and gloomy, but it is actually something very scruffy.

In Europe, they are struggling to make children love opera among young people. Go to an opera in Germany, everyone has white hair. The average age is very high. They are panicking about who will be watching the opera in the future. We do not have such a problem, our audience is very young. We don’t have an audience. Now we have an audience in jeans. Tickets run out as soon as they’re out.

An opera singer needs to be very careful in his life. They say that those who drink eggs have a very good voice, or they say that drinking cold will reduce your voice, but on the contrary, cold is a useful thing. There is misinformation like this. The most important is quality night sleep.

There is no need for a beautiful voice in opera. Anyone who is trained in voice can sing opera. Ugly voiced people are also needed. Theater does not have to be beautiful for everyone, just as everyone needs every voice. As long as you can reach that technique.

It should be called an opera singer, not an opera singer. Opera is not as scary as ballet. The ballerina has no life and ends too soon. I have a lot of respect for ballet dancers and ballerinas.



Our name is Love series is over. It was a project where we got used to each other in a very short time, had fun and were happy to be together. Our journey was short, the taste remained in our palate.

I graduated from Vefa High School. I read boarding. I had the chance to play Kemal Sunal’s girlfriend. Years later, we played husband and wife with his son Ali. I learned a lot from him. I saw young people paving the way.

I fell in love with the olive tree. I took a place in Muğla, where I went to shoot the TV series. It was our dream with my father. His life did not endure. I am dedicated to making that dream come true. I went to courses. I try to make quality olives and olive oil. I sent my oil to competitions and got prizes.


WORLD OF MUSIC witch cauldron

I continue my academic career as a lecturer at Yeditepe University, Art and Culture Management Department. I published a book called Breath Sound and Sacred Transformation. I did not expect it to become a bestseller, it was a very nice surprise for me.

I have never been away from the music and the stage. I graduated from the conservatory in the singing department. Music is my professional life. I did Tarkan’s vocals for 3 years. I am someone who is always on stage. I set out to sing with pure intent, but I saw the witch’s cauldron. The academy is a place where I feel good and nourishes me. Fame is fleeting and not easy to carry. It’s a difficult psychology. Since I have an academic side, I don’t have a magazine side.

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