Attempt to raid the hotel in Bayburt where the Bodrumspor team was staying

A group of events gathered in front of the hotel where the Bodrumspor team, who went to Bayburt for the TFF 2nd League play-off semi-final second leg, was staying. The group that made abusive cheer and detonated a torpedo tried to raid the hotel.

There were moments of fear before the play-off second leg match to be played between Bayburt Özel Administrationspor and Bodrumspor in the TFF 2nd League. Bayburt Special Administration fans, who came in front of the hotel where Bodrumspor was staying, tried to enter the hotel.


In the ongoing play-off matches in the TFF 2nd League, Bodrumspor defeated Bayburt Private Administrationspor 3-1 in the semi-final first match. Before the rematch to be played tomorrow, a group that came to the hotel where the Bodrumspor group, who came to Bayburt, was staying, tried to enter. Abusive cheering fans exploded in front of the hotel. A large number of police teams were sent to the region as reinforcements.

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