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In the ongoing playoff matches in the 2nd League, Bodrumspor defeated 3-1 in the field of Bayburt Özel Administrationspor in the first match of the semi-finals. Having achieved the advantageous score before the second leg match to be played on Tuesday, Bodrumspor made a written statement after the match and the call made by the 2nd President of Bayburt Representative, Muhammet Karaoğlu.

In his statement, Karaoğlu claimed that Bodrumspor fans threw stones with their feet and invited Bayburt supporters groups to the match, and called for Bayburt shopkeepers to close their shops. After Muhammet Karaoğlu’s statement, it was seen that Bayburt supporters’ posts on social media could be faced with a chilling situation.

Bodrumspor went to Bayburt on Sunday evening for the second leg match to be played on Tuesday. Bayburt fans, who came in front of the hotel where Bodrumspor was staying at night, chanted abusively, tried to enter the hotel where the football players were, using sparklers and fireworks twice. In the videos that emerged, it was seen that the security guards had difficulty in removing the attacking group.


Bodrumspor club made a written statement today by drawing attention to this danger and stated the following:

Our Bodrumspor professional football team won the first match of the 2nd League Red Group semi-finals of An Zentrum Bayburt Private Administrationspor 3-1, played on Friday, May 20, 2022 at 16.00.

Bodrum, Turkey’s window opening to the world, the diamond of our tourism, the mirror of our country’s cultural richness, hosted its guests with a very hospitable attitude with its management, supporters, people and members of the police, and our team fought on the field with the same gentlemanly. In fact, this hospitality was appreciated by TFF officials.

Even though there was tension between the players during the match due to the importance of the competition, these behaviors that could occur in every match were completed without any problems with the authority of the match referee and disciplinary practices.

However, we regret to state that; After the competition, false statements by some managers of the Bayburt representative and statements that could be considered slander, which we were amazed by, took place on social media.


If attention is paid; The exemplary attitude of our fans, who have been appreciated with their gentlemanly attitude to every team since the beginning of the season, has been ignored, thanks to the efforts of our members of the police, private security and club personnel, who devotedly worked in the statements and tried to end the match in a healthy way. Subject; It has been removed from the unifying power of football and has reached the point of using politics as a tool.

As football fans, we watched with horror the statements of those who tried to provoke their own supporters and create an atmosphere of hatred for the second match they will play in the home field by slandering our stands where our fans of all political views are located.


We call on those who made statements that those who could not find a place to pay the bill for the 3-1 defeat on the field, used politics with the feelings of lies, slander, grudge, hatred and revenge, to prove it. In fact, we invite you to go one step further and take legal action against these “imaginary people” together.

At the end of the match, the revenge of this manager, who persistently invited his supporters for the match to be played in Bayburt, is expressions that do not suit a sportsman.

We are already warning our General Directorate of Security, the Turkish Football Federation and anyone related to the issue. The relevant manager is responsible for any event that may occur after these false and slanderous statements.


It is against the ordinary course of life for a supporter who won a 3-1 victory to act allegedly instead of showing joy. Because there was no similar incident that was claimed in this competition, or even that could bring these claims to mind, and it was also determined from the post-match investigations by the officials in the competition.

We would expect this esteemed manager, who tells these lies to provoke his fans, and seeks all means off the field to skip the lap, to tell us how we greeted them in the stadium parking lot, how we accompanied them to the protocol tribune, and how we bid them farewell to his car in the same way at the end of the match.


However, we know that common sense people, especially football fans from Bayburt, will not give an opportunity to those who try to use a football match as a political tool in their own way, those who try to create victimization, those who try to provoke themselves and incite their feelings of revenge, and that the people of the Black Sea region will host our team with genuine hospitality. Our faith is eternal.

We know that losing is as much as winning in football. But we are also aware that all of these must remain on the field.

We respectfully announce to the football community, with Bodrumspor and Bayburtspor communities.

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