Cargo truck caught fire on Niğde-Konya road

On the Niğde-Konya road, the 63 ADE 192 plate truck, which was learned to belong to a cargo company, burned down for an unknown reason. It was learned that the driver fled the scene.

According to the information obtained, the event; It happened on the Niğde-Konya highway around 17.30 today. The 63 ADE 192 TIR, which was learned to belong to a cargo company, caught fire for an unknown reason. The truck driver, on the other hand, took out his trailer when the fire broke out and drove the truck away from the scene. A large number of firefighters were dispatched to the scene. It was observed that the cargo packages inside the burning trailer were ash.

The road was closed to traffic while firefighters continued to extinguish. For this reason, there was a queue of cars for kilometers. Gendarmerie teams launched an investigation into the incident.

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