Turkish will be an elective course in Somalia

Preparations are being made to teach Turkish as an elective course, which has attracted great interest in Somalia. With the project in question, Turkish will be taught in schools first in the capital city and then in other cities.

In recent years, as the relations between Somalia and Turkey have moved forward and social and cultural interaction has increased, Turkish has become the language that the people most demanded.

While it is possible to come across someone who speaks Turkish in almost every street or shop in the streets of the capital city of Mogadishu, many people who cannot receive education in any course know Turkish words and expressions by heart, under the influence of the TV series and movies they watch.


While Turkish education institutions were struggling to respond to the intense demand, Turkish began to be taught as a compulsory subject in 3 orphanages, which currently function as schools and where hundreds of children receive education.

Within the scope of the project planned by Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) to start with the Ministry of National Education of Somalia, Turkish will be taught as an elective course first in the capital city and then throughout the country.


Sinan Doruk, Acting Coordinator of Mogadishu YEE, which has become the center of Turkish education in the country, said that since 2017, they have been teaching Turkish to more than 5 thousand people. Doruk explained that besides face-to-face classes, they continue their Turkish education at the Turkish military training base, orphanages and Health Sciences University.

Noting that they helped thousands of people in the country meet Turkish with approximately 25 personnel, Doruk noted that the compulsory Turkish education, which started in the Bondhere Orphanage, where education was given up to the high school level, was given in a total of 3 orphanages.

Stating that they could not keep up with the demand in face-to-face courses, Doruk said, “The demand is too high. Demand comes from not only Mogadishu but also from outside the capital on various occasions. We are constantly asked why Somalia is not just Mogadishu, why don’t you come to Puntland or Somaliland.”

Doruk said, “If we complete the joint project with the Ministry of National Education of Somalia in the coming period, we have a goal of putting Turkish in the curriculum as an optional or compulsory language.” he said.

Expressing that the project will first be implemented as a pilot in Mogadishu, Doruk pointed out that the work continues to provide human resources.


Sinan Doruk stated that they will also start teaching Turkish with online education this year, “We received 300 course applications from different parts of the country in just the last 5 days.” used the phrase.

Expressing that Somalis often have the belief to learn Turkish and build a better education and future, Doruk said, “Favor for Turkey brings with it the trust for Turkish language and culture. Language is a carrier of culture.” made its assessment.

Doruk pointed out that the bond of affection between Turks and Somalis provides benefits to both people and society, and said that Somalis who learn Turkish see this as an opportunity to serve their own society.

Doruk continued:

“Just as we are at an important point on the Silk Road, Somalia is at an important point on the Spice Road. Such trade routes do not only carry goods, they carry ideas, philosophy, culture, language. Nations settled on these routes are open to differences and different opinions. Mogadishu is in a similar position here as we are like a melting pot.”

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