You can’t solve it by saying ‘it’s okay, we are brothers’

IYI Party Antalya Deputy Hasan Subaşı said, “If a part of the society says ‘I have a problem’, this problem needs to be discussed and talked about. But we cannot talk.” Subaşı said, “There is no point in saying ‘there is no problem’ about an issue that everyone has examined and had a report prepared during the Republican period.”

Regarding the closure case against the HDP, Subaşı said, “If the HDP is not a legal party, its establishment and being under the roof of the parliament is wrong. However, it is a party that has gone through various state controls and formed a group under the roof of the parliament.”

freedomfrom Onur ErkanSome of the statements of Hasan Subaşı, who made a statement to , are as follows:


Regarding the words “The government wants to provoke the nationalist reflex of the IYI Party and the nationalist reflex of the CHP by demonizing the HDP” two years ago, Subaşı said, “It has no effect. My debut was aimed at reducing this effect. There were unilateral programs in which no HDP members were involved. In these programs, accusations were made that the CHP and the IYI Party were in cooperation with the HDP. If there are criminals in the HDP, it is the duty of the judiciary to isolate them. “It is wrong to be under the roof of the parliament. However, it is a party that has formed a group under the roof of the parliament after passing various controls of the state,” he said.

Subaşı said, “With these discussions, the votes on the HDP base are not aimed at helping the Nation Alliance,” said Subaşı, “Moreover, we both declare that as the IYI Party we are not in cooperation with the HDP. “We see it, but on the other hand, we also witnessed that the government conveyed the messages of the leader of the terrorist organization for the sake of politics,” he said.


Commenting on the solution of the Kurdish problem, Subaşı said, “Now we have difficulties in solving such problems. I try to convey my thoughts in order to stretch our habit of not being able to speak on these issues to some extent. There are things that seem right, there are things that are wrong, but politicians expressing their opinions are such unspoken issues. That day, I said in the mixed commission, “If we see such problems as problems from outside, I think we are wrong.” There may be some kind of manipulations from the outside, but these are burning problems that we need to solve. These are problems that we should not pass on to future generations. They are scientifically in all aspects You cannot solve everything by saying, ‘There is no problem, we are brothers.’ If an important part of the citizen says ‘there is a problem’, the duty of the state is to approach that problem and question it,” he said.

Reminding the reports on the Kurdish issue during the Republican era, Subaşı said, “More than fifty Kurdish reports have been prepared since the Atatürk era. In 1989, the SHP has an important report, the Motherland Party has a Kahveci report, in 1991 Tayyip Erdoğan’s provincial head. There is a report prepared and submitted to the general chairmanship of the Welfare Party when he was the President of the Welfare Party. There is no point in saying “there is no problem” about an issue that everyone examined and had a report prepared during the Republican period. In the past, Turkish politics could not go over these issues. These issues were completely transferred to the General Staff. The General Staff was already saying, “This matter is mine”. It did not accept that the political institution should be authorized in this matter, and the political institution could not enter that field. Today, this government system keeps the political institution, parliament, the judiciary and even the executive under its tutelage. Today’s tutelage is the same as yesterday’s It prevents the solution of fundamental problems such as tutelage,” he said.

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