Last minute: Fenerbahçe took action for Miguel Crespo’s teammate Andre Franco! Transfer news…


CSKA Moscow started official initiatives for Fenerbahçe’s national football player Mert Hakan Yandaş. According to the news of Fanatik, the staff of the Russian team, which made great efforts to end the transfer, came together with the club managers. Stunning with his performance in the last few weeks, Mert Hakan won the hearts of the fans and was appreciated with his assists. CSKA Moscow President Evgeny Giner was impressed by Yusuf Yazıcı’s performance and wants to see another Turkish player in the team. The transfer is expected to be clarified in the coming days.


The Portuguese press wrote that Fenerbahce made an offer for Andre Franco, a 24-year-old midfielder whose contract will expire next month, with the Estoril jersey blowing like a storm this season. Franco was in Record’s 11th team of the year, scoring 10 goals and making 4 assists in 32 matches in the league.


The market value of the 24-year-old football player is approximately 3.5 million Euros. However, Franco’s contract with Estoril will expire next month. Although the Portuguese team made a contract extension offer, the parties could not reach an agreement yet. Fenerbahce wants to add the star player to its staff free of charge by keeping its hand fast. The Yellow-Navy Blues activated Crespo, which they transferred from Estoril for 1.5 million Euros at the beginning of the season, to convince his former teammate. The successful player, who grew up with the sporting infrastructure, made the biggest explosion in his career this season. Left-footed, Franco has played in the back of the striker in 30 of 37 official matches, in the center of the midfield in 3, on the right wing in 3, and on the left wing in 1 match.


Fenerbahce, which started its young player breakthrough by adding 15-year-old Isak Vural and 18-year-old Jin-ho Jo to its staff, this time turned its eyes to Sweden. According to the news in the country’s press, the Yellow-Navy Blues are closely following Williot Swedberg, whom many European teams are after. The 18-year-old midfielder, to whom Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​PSV, Alkmaar and Osasuna sent observers, has aired the nets 5 times in 8 league games with the Hammarby jersey this season. It was noted that the Swedish team determined a testimonial fee of 5 million Euros for Swedberg, which was also watched by the Yellow-Navy Blues for a while. The young star is expected to receive an invitation from the Swedish National Team in the near future.


Last minute: Fenerbahce took action for Miguel Crespo's teammate Andre Franco Transfer news...


Erkut Söğüt, the manager of Kasımpaşalı Eren Elmalı, who allegedly wanted to join Fenerbahçe’s squad, spoke to Radyospor on the subject.

I don’t know about the meeting between the clubs. We didn’t have any meetings. Eren is still a player of Kasımpaşa. He is still a developing player. I hope he will play for the national team soon. Transfer is not our goal. Our current goal is to develop, to be permanent in the national team. Such players already come to the right places over time. The dream of every football player is to wear the national team jersey. It is something very special. What is more difficult is to be permanent there after reaching the goal. Then the player begins to develop. Ekif is different, interview is different. When I go to a place, there is talk for all the clubs. But if there is anything serious, the competent authority here is Kasımpaşa. You have to ask them.



Another name in Fenerbahçe, which has extended a contract with Serdar Aziz, is Altay Bayındır, who is preparing to sign a new contract. The 24-year-old netkeeper’s contract expires at the end of next season. However, the administration plans to extend Altay’s contract as soon as possible. The national goalkeeper, who rose to the rank of captain and wants to win the championship under the yellow-dark blue jersey, plans to stay for at least one more season despite the interest of Ajax. Altay Bayındır is ready to extend his contract to show his commitment to the club.

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