You’ve Never Eaten Like This Before! Here is the Practical Mücver Recipe with All the Tips!

Mücver is a delicious snack to which you can add zucchini and vegetables. While preparing Mücver, which can be eaten at any time of the day, the juice should be squeezed after the vegetables are grated. When you add yogurt with it, you can’t get enough of it. How to make pumpkin mucver? Here is the recipe for zucchini mucver.

How to make zucchini hash? Zucchini hasp is one of the recipes that many women often make, but find it difficult to preserve its flavor. It takes its place among the indispensable recipes of Ottoman cuisine. What are the necessary ingredients for the Zucchini Mucver recipe? What are the tricks to keep in mind while preparing this food? Details are here.

Pumpkin Rice Recipe Ingredients

3 eggs
3 zucchini
Half a glass of flour
2-3 sprigs of green onions
Half a bunch of parsley
a pinch of dill
Black pepper
chili pepper

First we prepare the materials. Peel the skins of the zucchini and grate them with most of the grater. Cut the spring onions, parsley and dill into small pieces.

We are preparing Zucchini Mucver mortar. Take the eggs in a deep bowl. Add the flour, paprika, pepper and salt and mix until smooth. Then we add the zucchini and chopped dill, green onion and parsley that we squeezed well and mix. Our mucver mortar is ready.


Let’s cook hash browns in a pan. Add a little oil to a Teflon pan, pour 1 tablespoon of the mortar we prepared into it, turn and fry. After frying both sides of the mucver, we put it on a paper towel lined plate.
Let’s serve Pumpkin Mücver You can serve it hot or cold. Enjoy your meal.


After the zucchini is grated, care should be taken to squeeze the juice well.
After adding flour, your consistency should be smooth.
You should make sure that your pan has a non-stick coating while cooking the muffins.


Zucchini Mücver We can cook it in a pan or in the oven. In order for Mücver to cook well in the oven, care must be taken not to leave too much liquid. Since it is not fried, you are making a meal with less calories. If you choose whole wheat flour as flour, a very light Diet Mücver is ready!

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